Friv Angry Birds Racing

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Friv Angry Birds Racing
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  • Added : 23.04.2016
Friv Angry Birds Racing ; With all the anger and madness have won the admiration of all gamers Birds Angry Birds with you at this time a new frenzy. The Angry Bird crew tired here and there thrown in this game with a crazy car racing game is coming over. Consisting of 25 different tracks in the game Angry Bird Race finish each track as the first track after the other can go to. Completed a new car every 5 tracks as a bonus you will save. Lets see if you can finish tasteful and fun racing game? Angry Birds Crazy game you can play with the upward direction and the Z key. Have Fun ...

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Ther are awesome games rn

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Does any won know if you can play firv on your tablet?rn