MS Paint Racers

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MS Paint Racers
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  • Added : 23.04.2016
MS Paint Racers ; MS Paint Racers game is played with the keyboard. To ensure control of the car in the game, you just have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard, that's all! Don't forget to collect the turbo powers along the way! This is a good time to start playing a fun game immediately, do your best to be successful! Have a good play!

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uye-img Yazan : aman - Eklenme tarihi: 2 yıl önce


uye-img Yazan : Aniyah - Eklenme tarihi: 2 yıl önce

I think that coolidied games are better then friveem but not this game I am kinda a racing kind if gal and like nail painting yea so sorry

uye-img Yazan : Elsa - Eklenme tarihi: 2 yıl önce

Lovely game rn